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Please help yourself to the material in our resource library, and let us know if you find a helpful Children’s Literature related website you think we should include here… We’ll post the newest links at the top, so check back often for updates!

*NEW* “Digital Book Talk” is a website where people can view and post their own “movie trailer-style” previews of young adult literature. This is a searchable website which is constantly being updated. A great resource and teaching tool!  Digital Book Talk  

Julie Johnson’s Blog about teaching reading and writing: Julie’s Blog 

This is a great Children’s Literature Blog by writer Wendie Old: Wendie’s Blog

This is a wonderful blog about the “Year of Reading” (2007), with lots of insightful articles: Year of Reading

And this is a website with some thoughts on some good books to take on a trip with you: Road Trip Books

This is a website that has a collection of different artists who have illustrated “Alice in Wonderland”:  Alice in Wonderland

A collection of Children’s book titles set up at the University of New Brunswick: UNB Collection

And this is Sue Fisher’s blog (the curator of the collection at UNB):
Sue’s Blog  
This is the Barnes and Noble Comprehensive Children’s Literature Database:
Barnes and Noble

A blog featuring books and book news from around the world: Elephant Rag

A great website that recommends specific books for specific difficult situations that may occur in a child’s life: Troubled Times Books

Some recommendations on how to choose books for a school library:            School Choices

Well known poet, Dr. Susan Nalugwa Kiguli’s early literary experiences:       Little Hands

A podcast about the children’s books we love and why we love them:            Just One More Book

The International Digital Children’s Library: Digital Library

A guide to more resources you can find on the internet: Internet Guide

One comment

  1. This is a great collection of helpful links, most of which I’ve not read before. I’m always looking for new children’s literature blogs to add to my Google Reader and I’ve already subscribed to Julie Johnson’s blog and Kiss the Book (formerly School Choices) after being introduced to them here.

    I thought I’d also share three of my favourite children’s and young adult literature blogs that others may find helpful, too.

    A Fuse #8 Production is written by a New York children’s librarian who reviews a book every weekday. These are extensive, multi-paragraph reviews too, which makes one wonder how she finds the time. I, for one, am exceedingly grateful since she occasionally reviews obscure new books that I never would have heard of otherwise.

    Bookends is co-written by two middle school librarians who review everything from picture books to young adult novels to nonfiction. They also provide ideas on how to promote books to students with creative displays and other methods.

    Finally, Guys Lit Wire posts book reviews that target that elusive reader: the teenage male. More than two dozen writers, librarians, professional reviews, and other book professionals provide reviews about a wide variety of books that appeal to teen boys.

    Happy reading,

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